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Natural Breast Enlargement Hypnosis.

The British Academy of Hypnosis has recently studied The possibility of hypnosis on Breast Enlargement and found startling results with the majority of women receiving remarkable success.

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Journal of Sex Research reports of an interesting experiment in which the power of suggestion was used to increase the bust size of a group of women.
Nineteen women were used for the experiment.

The women were divided up into three groups.
1. Phase one control group consisted of 3 women who received no hypnosis.

2. Phase one experimental group consisted of 3 women who received hypnosis for bust enlargement once a week for twelve weeks.

3. Phase two group consisted of the remaining 13 women. These women received no hypnosis for the first three weeks, and then all women received hypnosis once a week for twelve weeks.

The Results were outstanding!
As expected, there was "no change" in the bust size of any of the subjects in the control group. The women in phase two experienced "no change" in their bust size for the first three weeks in which no hypnosis was used.
However, every one of the subjects in the phase one experimental group and all of the women in phase two experienced significant increases in their breast measurements during the twelve weeks of hypnosis.
The average increase was almost 2 inches.

New improved techniques in hypnotherapy allow us to guarantee satisfaction. With this simple program, breast enlargement is the focus, but other body imperfections are also addressed. Most participants experience a decrease in waist size, as much as 2.5 inches! Desired breast growth is permanent and lasting and 100% safe.

The concept of using the mind for breast enlargement is not new.

In 1974 the first study published by James E. Williams reported breast enlargement through visualization and hypnosis.
Shortly afterwards, R.D. Willard of the Institute of Behaviour and Mind Sciences decided to test these claims. At the end of his 12 week study, 85% had experienced significant enlargement. Women whose breasts had been sagging developed a firm/lifted chest and lopsidedness had been corrected.

The doctor that conducted the experiments said, "hypnosis for breast growth was effective in stimulating breast growth. Further investigation may show this to be a satisfactory alternative method to surgical breast augmentation." Dr. James Williams.

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Tests on bigger breast enlargement hypnosis CDs produced by The British Academy of Hypnosis have shown bigger breasts are possible. Below you will see an example of breast enlargement photos. These before and after pictures show the power of natural breast enlargement through hypnosis.

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Reported in Body Beautiful magazine a 32 year old woman says how she went form a 32a to a 32c in a period of six months! Breast enlargement photos show the incredible power of breast enhancement hypnosis CDs. Powerful breast enhancers but without surgery.

Below is just a few of the testimonials received here at Hypnosis International.

"I've been using the breast enlargement hypnosis CDs and they work great! My boyfriend has noticed a big difference and my bra is getting tight! I feel great! I am no longer thinking about surgery for breast enlargement and my breasts are still growing! I really like the program and thank goodness I ordered it. I finally have cleavage! Thank you so much!"
Mellissa Browning - USA.

"I would like to order the full breast enlargement program on CD as three of my friends have so far used the program with wonderful results, I am hoping I will get similar results. This is truly amazing. Thank you for your work." Mrs Jones - London

"I just wanted to write and let you know how great your breast enlargement hypnosis CDs have been!! I am so glad I ordered them, I have been using them faithfully for about three weeks now and have grown one inch already!!! Can you believe that? I still cannot believe it even though I know it's true because I can feel them actually growing and my bra is way too tight (plus I measured before I started, just so unreal)-the other thing is, I have lost two inches around my waist, however I have also been working out quite a bit as well! I just had to share my success with you, no one else would believe me (except my husband) Thank You so much for your good work. You are just GREAT!!!"
Sincerely, Jayne Wilson - USA

"It has been just 4 weeks since I started using the breast enlargement CD program. Already I have started to witness some fullness and firming in my breasts."
Mrs Gordon - USA

"After purchasing your hypnotic breast enlargement CD program I just had to write to you as I am just totally stunned by the results. I always wanted larger breasts but was always worried about the effects of surgery. I never could of imagined that having bigger breasts could have been so easy just through the power of my own mind. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
Sincerely, Kathy Roberts - UK

"Many thanks for the help so far, the product is amazing and the service was fantastic and ultra professional the before and after results are stunning."
GC Meyer - UK

"I always wanted to get bigger boobs but was concerned about having surgery. I looked at other breast enhancers but decided natural breast enhancement through hypnosis was for me. I am amazed by the speed it worked! The CDs really do make boobs bigger. So I highly recommend this program if you want to get bigger boobs fast at low cost and without the need for surgery! Thanks."
Pauline - Sheffield UK.

"I was totally Amazed that the breast enlargement CDs really did work. I am so happy I cannot thank you enough. Within weeks of using the CDs my Bras just became so tight I had to change them all. I am just so happy as they are still continuing to grow. Thank you."
Helen - Hull UK

The British Academy of Hypnosis Natural Breast Enlargement support and guarantee.

During the next 30 days you will have plenty of time to feel 100% comfortable with the audio programs. It will give you time to listen to all the 4 audio programs in full and to begin the breast enlargement procedure.

If at any time during the next 30 days you are not happy with the quality of the product will will give you a full refund of the product price. Guarantees just don't get better than that!

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